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Corporate & Structured lease

For corporate clients with transactions in the range of € 10-50 million ING Lease offers tailored client solutions. Such as asset based project leases with possible use of Special Purpose Vehicles, Joint Ventures and (if possible) an international (vendor) approach.

Erwin de Kok

Asset manager


Benefits of these tailored solutions for Corporate Clients

  • use of limited or non recourse project financing structures, which use additional comfort from sponsor for ING Lease on project risks rather then extensive due diligence resulting in non-recourse financing
  • use of (partially ING-owned) SPV's to facilitate off balance sheet treatment using non-consolidation angle instead of ´traditional´ off balance sheet financing through operational leases
  • use of ultimate form of partnership in case of substantial potential to develop strategic, vendor relationships with selected customers
  • use of cross border capabilities in case of (significant) (vendor) opportunities